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Broker Previews & Open Houses

Deirdre listening to guests at an open house

Used effectively, open houses help get additional exposure for your property.

  • Broker open houses are the best way to get the maximum number of agents to see your property.
  • Neighborhood open houses are a good way to get potential buyers to visit your property

Broker (real estate agents) and neighborhood open houses are preferred over individual open houses for my clients.

Broker Open Houses

Meybohm holds broker open houses most Thursdays. They are held by area on a rotating basis to be as efficient as possible and to get as many brokers to visit the property. Many Meybohm agents attend and  are asked to critique the property and price. It is excellent feed back for the property owner and agent. These open houses are open to other agents as well as the public.

Neighborhood Open Houses

The other type of open house is a group of agents, from any agency, to have a neighborhood open house, usually on a Thursday evening or Sunday. My clients get the most benefit  from their efforts with maximum exposure in this way. Prospective buyers are attracted to the option of viewing multiple houses in the same geographic area in a single day.