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Lisa Woods

Lisa Woods

Administrative assistant

My husband's new job brought me to Aiken in 2012 from my birthplace of 35 years, Bossier City, Louisiana. I was a stay at home mom that loved to volunteer back in Bossier. Then, volunteering here in Aiken, while the kids were in school. I have served with the Salvation Army, ACTS, my church First Presbyterian Church USA, and don’t let me forget about Habitat for Humanity International Women Build Program. I didn’t get to build a house, but I definitely learned how to use some awesome tools. November of 2017, I was so lucky to join Deirdre’s team. Now, I’m learning more about Aiken, and what takes place when buying and selling a home. I’m happy to be here and learning from someone like Deirdre Vaillancourt. This is also my neighborhood, and I’m glad to call Aiken home.