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Buying? Building? Not Sure?

Renting is the way to go. When making a big move, it takes time to get acquainted with a new place and weigh all of the pros and cons of each town and neighborhood. If you buy right off the bat, you may find that you don’t love where you live or realize another area is a better fit. Renting gives you the flexibility to explore and experience different places without being locked in with a mortgage. Charleston has quite a few surrounding towns that are amazing and amazingly different. It takes time to get your bearings and find the perfect place to put down roots. When it comes to renting, I highly recommend a long term rental home. It has so many advantages as opposed to renting in an apartment complex, and I figured this out first hand. 


6 Reasons A Long Term Home Rental Is Better Than Renting An Apartment

  • Most long term rentals have flexible contracts with only 30 day minimums. You're not required to lock into a year long agreement.

  • More privacy, personal space and less corporate rules to comply with. Living in a building with 100’s of other tenants comes with lots of baggage.

  • You get direct contact with the property manager or owner versus trying to deal with a mega corporation who has no interest in your personal needs or renting experience.

  • You don’t have to share spaces in crowded common areas. Instead, you have options for a yard, private deck or balcony.

  • Long term rental homes typically come with reserved parking spaces. No need to waste time hunting for a spot in a packed  lot or dealing with street parking.  

  • Most long term rentals come fully furnished which makes you feel right at home right away. It also alleviates the stress of unpacking and setting up shop just to have to move it all again in a few months.