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Aiken, South Carolina - Southern Charm and Equestrian Sport

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Resources & Links for Aiken, SC

We have compiled a number of resources that should be helpful in learning about Aiken, SC.  We hope this information helps you evaluate our town as well as providing you with links and contacts you'll need once you move to Aiken.  Of course, if you're looking to move here or rent a home or equestrian property, we would love to show you around.

If you have suggestions for other links or are interesting in moving to Aiken, SC, please contact us.

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Equestrian Organizations and Events

2018 Aiken Horse show in the Woods

Aiken Driving club

All about the club

Aiken Hounds

Foxhunting in Aiken

Aiken Polo Club

Celebrating the 127th year of the sport in Aiken

Aiken Steeplechase Association

Information about the annual Spring Steeplechase

Bruce's Field

State-0f-the-art equestrian center

Equestrian Calendar of Aiken

Your Online, Real Time Equestrian Calendar

Hitchcock Woods
Hitchcock Woods

Aiken's 2100 urban forests with 65 miles of trails and 110 horse jumps

Holland Eventing

New eventing facility in Bridle Creek

Katydid Farm

Fall driving event and more

New Bridge Polo

PSJ Shows

Hunter Jumper News and Shows

Reasons to Love Springtime in Horse Country - Southern Living
Reasons to Love Springtime in Horse Country - Southern Living

Choosing a thoroughbread racehorse is like trying to draft a professional football team by looking at a group of 10-year-old kids,” says racing icon Cot Campbell of Aiken, South Carolina.

The Aiken Horse

Aiken's Free Equestrian Publication

The Aiken Training Track

Racing in Aiken

What to consider when buying horse property

Shopping for horse property

Whiskey Road Foxhounds

More Aiken Foxhunting

Why Worry Hounds

More Aiken Foxhunting

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